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the art's so good!!!! oh that big tree is just gorgeous!! the ending made me kinda go !!!! but it sure is interesting haha this is a wonderful game!


Wow, that's a great first bitsy! Your art style is lovely, and I love the concept too! Hope you'll make more bitsy games in the future :D


Awesome game. Plz checkout my game PPBall.

congrats on your first game and jam! i love the concept and the art style is so cute~

thanks for the kind words (:

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I love love love the art! Good job!

Thank you ! (:


Congrats on your firsty Bitsy game, and first game jam! It's an excellent entry! I thought the story was going one way, but then, that twist at the end! 

Is there even away to collect enough? It doesn't make a second ending or something does it?

And what kind of magical hay just grows up from random patches of grass :P

Hm, oh and was that missing kid poster a quest also...? I don't think I did that.

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There should be way to collect enough. You should check the trees in the room with overprotective mother. Though there is only one ending.

The banner with a lost child is a connection to zombie Larry in the swamp. 

I am happy you enjoyed and liked the game (: